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1st & 2nd grades

First Grade

Our first grade day here at Trinity begins and ends with Jesus. In our devotions, we sing and pray and share our faith with one another. During our Jesus Time we learn more about our Savior’s love and how we can be more like Jesus, our very best Friend.

First graders spend much of our time becoming better readers.  We learn many phonetic helps and other reading tricks that help us grow into good readers who comprehend, enjoy, and gather information successfully. We also practice spelling and writing words that are used to write our own stories, biographies, letters,
and summaries.

In math, we practice putting numbers together and taking numbers away. We work hard to learn the basic facts. We measure, compare, and love to use very big numbers.

The first graders are privileged to create beautiful art with Mrs. Schroeder; to learn all about music with Miss Drees, to spend time creating in the computer lab, and to go to the library once a week to hear stories and check out books to take home.

Our time together in first grade helps us to grow as special children of our loving Shepherd Jesus and to develop the gifts He has given us.


Second Grade

Second graders at Trinity Lutheran School are continuing to grow in the wisdom
and knowledge of the importance of God in their lives.  Students are guided to
a greater awareness of study skills and given greater independence in their work.  Second grade concentrates on enhancing and enriching skills acquired.

The reading series we use, Open Court, is very phonetic and inclusive.  The students begin cursive writing by mid-year, helping them feel very grown-up. 
Our science series is primarily Earth science.  Our social studies is centered on communities around us and are introductions to the history of our country.

In math, the students review and drill on basic facts, do two-digit addition and subtraction with regrouping, and are exposed to time, money counting, fractions, graphing, and an introduction to multiplication.

Weekly themes are used to integrate language arts into relevant topics.  This includes writer’s workshops and grammar skills.

Our day starts and ends with prayer, asking God’s blessings.  We have bi-weekly memory verses and Bible stories to nurture our relationship with God.   We take church attendance and strongly encourage our families to be active in the worship at their church. 

Our goal is to allow the child the constant knowledge that he/she is a special creation of God and that He loves us very much.