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3rd & 4th grades

Third Grade

Growing independence is apparent in third grade students.  As they become more self-reliant, they still lean on family and friends to validate them, and our daily visits with and about God remind us of how very special we are to Him.

God’s presence permeates all of our subjects.  We study phonics, reading, writing, science, social studies, math, English, spelling, and religion with the knowledge that God has given us gifts with which to glorify Him and serve others.  We participate in gym to exercise and fortify our bodies, our temples, and in music to sing His praises.  Like the other grades at Trinity, we have an opportunity to plan and present a chapel service.

We work hard to develop good study habits and gain the responsibility to record, accomplish, and return homework assignments.  In third grade students begin receiving letter grades as well as three-week grade averages. 

Weekly specials include an art period where the student is given opportunity to experience many styles of artistic expression, and many opportunities to express ideas using many different art media.  We also enjoy gym classes, library, and computer time. To encourage independent reading, we offer the challenge of the Accelerated Reading program.

Our chapel family relationships foster friendships with the younger and older students at Trinity.  We know that with God as our guide, our days together are guaranteed to be blessed.


Fourth Grade

Christian education-applying Law and Gospel in all aspects of life and learning- is a vital component of Trinity Lutheran School.  Children are taught the demands of God’s law and are comforted by the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ.  They receive encouragement and instruction to live in service to Christ and others.  The Holy Spirit through God’s Word nurtures children’s faith in Christ.  All subjects are taught from a Christian viewpoint. 

In Religion class, we learn how the Bible stories affect us today and how to share our faith with others.  We memorize some of the chief parts, as well as Bible passages and hymn verses. 

In Math, we review addition and subtraction facts and we learn ways to remember our multiplication and division facts.  We study decimals, fractions, probability, geometry, simple algebra, and basic number operations. 

God’s creation is wonderful!  In Science, we study the animal and plant kingdoms, the atmosphere and climate and the surface of His earth through geology, and the human body and its systems.  

In Social Studies, we study the United States, our resources, economy, and technology.  We study our past, our present, and our future as we interact in a global environment. 

In Language Arts, we explore varieties of literature through reading and writing.  We also learn about the patterns of our language.  There is an emphasis on reading comprehension and on writing complete sentences. Knowing and understanding the parts of speech helps us to verbalize the written word.

 We are blessed to have Art classes where we learn about artists and their varied styles.  We have the opportunity to use many kinds of supplies from fabric, to paper, to clay, and even just stuff.  Check out our masterpieces.

Our bodies are exercised in Physical Education, while our voices are exercised through Choir.  Fourth grade is the first year for band and what a way to make a joyful noise unto the Lord!  We have a computer lab that we visit on a weekly basis.  We have the opportunity to audition for speaking and vocal musical parts in the Trinity Spring Operetta. 

We are able to participate in the Spelling Bee, Geography Bee, Science Fair, Iowa Test of Basic Skills, Band and Vocal concerts.  Each year our class has the opportunity to lead Trinity Lutheran School in worship for chapel. 

We would like to thank Trinity Lutheran Church for all of the support they give so that the fourth graders can learn more about God’s love and how we can share His love with others.  May God bless Trinity Lutheran Church and School as we serve Him in team ministry.