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7th & 8th Grades

Seventh Grade

The seventh grade core curriculum includes Religion, Literature, Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Music, PE, and Life Skills. 

The Religion course includes one Pastor-taught confirmation class per week on the six chief parts of Christian doctrine:  the 10 Commandments, the Apostles’ Creed, the Lord’s Prayer, Confession, Baptism, and Holy Communion.  It also includes three teacher-taught Old Testament classes per week which explore the history of the grace and promises of God--all of which are ultimately fulfilled in Jesus Christ.  

Literature includes a study of literary elements and forms.  Writing skills, grammar, spelling, and verbal communication are key components of the Language Arts program.  

Mathematics focuses on work with whole and mixed numbers, fractions, decimals, exponents, percents, and some algebraic and geometric concepts. 

Science class focuses on the God-created Earth, exploring the Earth's matter, rocks, minerals, air, water, resources, and surface changes.  Students may also study astronomy.  Students learn through a combination of lecture, independent study, and lab activities.  

Social Studies class covers U.S. history up to the Civil War.  

Life Skills integrates and applies skills and information gleaned from traditional core classes. It includes units on clothing, nutrition, study skills, art principles, and personal finance. 

Music instruction is a mandatory part of our curriculum.   Students participate in choir and either band or music appreciation. 

Students have weekly library and computer lab times where they are guided in the development of skills necessary to use these resources. 

The core curriculum is further enriched, as students are encouraged to participate in dramatic presentations, lead a Chapel service with the class, geography bee, spelling bee, vocabulary bee, science fair, and extracurricular sports. 

Students interact with a variety of different instructors.  An emphasis is placed on organization, independence, and individual responsibility. 

As we discover all the blessings God has granted us--most especially a restored relationship through Jesus--it is our honor to use our time, talents, and treasures to glorify Him. 


Eighth Grade

The final blocks of the grade school foundation, which began in preschool, are lodged into place during the eighth grade year.  In eighth grade those remaining blocks include being responsible for one’s self, learning the value of working hard, improving organizational skills, becoming more self-confident, developing leadership skills, and preparing for high school. 

A strong emphasis is placed on not being satisfied to just “get by.”  Mediocrity is out: excellence is in. 

In addition to the core curriculum of Religion, Literature, Language Arts, Pre- Algebra, Science, United States History, Music, and Physical Education, Algebra is offered for advanced math students.  The eighth grade life skills class includes units in personal development, nutrition, personal finance, consumer economics, clothing and textiles, and art.

During the month of May, eighth graders have one last hurrah together as they take an overnight class trip to a large metropolitan area in the Midwest and stay on one of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod campuses.

Junior high students at Trinity are encouraged to involve themselves in as many extracurricular activities as they can.  As young people, they are still discovering what they can do and what they like to do.  Virtually all eighth graders are active in sports activities and/or play in one of the school bands. 

 The abilities an eighth grader has are God’s gifts to him/her.  What the eighth grader does with those abilities is his/her gift to God.