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As an all-day kindergarten, our daily schedule includes religion, reading, math, writing, newspaper, music, art, playtime, rest, hot lunch, snack, and recess.  We also go on field trips and attend all-school assemblies. 

Each Wednesday we start the day with a chapel service at our church.  Parents and other family members are welcome to join us in worship at 8:40.  Pastors from our church and the community lead us in worship.  Each class-even kindergarten- will lead chapel once during the year. 

A word about discipline: One of the biggest advantages of a Christian school is the freedom to share Jesus in all aspects of daily life.  As in any other school, we will have problems with inappropriate behavior.  We have the privilege of dealing with those problems with prayer, forgiveness, and Christian love for each other.  However, children will learn to take responsibility for their actions and work to change negative behavior.  They may be given a “time-out,” or lose recess time. Together we plan and discuss ways to improve behavior.  They may ask for and receive forgiveness from each other - usually with a hug.

Kindergarten Curriculum Overview

Religion – Voyages - Exploring God’s Word, - Concordia Publishing House.  Thirty-two Bible based lessons with songs, finger plays, art activities and many applications to everyday life.  The love of God through Jesus Christ and His redemptive act of dying and rising for all believers is central to every lesson. 

Math – MacMillan/McGraw-Hill.  Covers sorting, matching, counting, graphing, patterns, numbers 0-5, 6-10, shapes, numbers 10-20, money, measuring, time, addition and subtraction.  Many hand activities lend to meaningful understanding of these concepts.   

Reading – SRA- Imagine It – Ten Units that combine research-based reading instruction and literature theme exploration.  Children work on letter and number identification, listening skills, phonetic awareness, phonics instruction, comprehension and discussion to tie together all that they are learning. 

Science - Holt Science - Hands on activities to learn about our senses, weather, heat, liquids, seasons, plants and animals. 

Current Events - God’s World News.  Weekly child-oriented news reports with a Christian perspective. 

Art - Art activities are integrated into many subject areas, and include painting by various methods, collage, sculpting, and chalk and crayon drawings. 

Music - Music theory, fun songs, rhythm activities, and choir are scheduled weekly.

Sharing - Children share ideas or objects on a specific topic each week.  The topics may be connected to an area of learning or may be seasonal.

Play time - An important part of every day.  Play is a child’s work and develops awareness of himself, others and the world around him.