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Preschool & AK


preschool1.jpg, 17 kBFor 2012-13, we will have two preschool classes, along with Alternative Kindergarten.

The 3-year-old class will meet on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 8:30-11:15 AM.  These students must be toilet trained and three years old by September 15.

The 4-year-old class will meet on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings from 8:30-11:15 am.  These students must be toilet trained and four years old by September 15.

These preschool classes will focus on all of the important areas of development including: social, emotional, spiritual, physical, aesthetic, and cognitive. The activities and projects are age-appropriate and help the children learn and grow through the year. Through play time, circle time, calendar, singing, exploring, stories, art, music, letters and numbers, the children learn about the wonderful world God made around them.

Alternative Kindergarten

preschool3.jpg, 24 kBOur Alternative Kindergarten program is set up to give your child an extra year of academic and social growth. It is geared towards the child who will benefit from a year of pre-kindergarten skills, before entering an all-day Kindergarten the following year. 

Our TLS Alternative Kindergarten meets every afternoon from 12:15-3:00 pm. During our time together, we help your child grow in all areas including: academic, physical, spiritual, aesthetic, and emotional development. 

Trinity Lutheran Alternative Kindergarten allows for children to grow and learn in a small class setting. Being a part of a school that offers preschool through eighth grade helps to build a strong family relationship in the school setting. 

Through this program, the students are introduced to more skills that will prepare them for kindergarten. These skills are, but are not limited to:  beginning sight words, counting to 50 and beyond, writing letters and words, building social skills, learning coping skills and so much more.

The preschool teacher is Amanda Freese. Please email her if you have questions.