Make a payment in the office:
20 punch lunch ticket: $54   20 punch milk ticket: $8  
Application fee: $20  Consumables fee: $325 
Scroll down to make an instant online payment
for Application, Consumables Fee,
Lunch or Milk Tickets

Tuition payments are made through Smart Tuition
Click HERE to Enroll in Smart Tuition

What you need to know about Smart Tuition:
  • Our school number is 11676.
  • You choose the number of payments (2, 4 or 10).
  • You choose whether you want a paper bill mailed to you monthly, or to have your payments automatically deducted.
  • You choose your due date or automatic deduction date (1st, 10th or 20th of the month).
  • If you choose, we can add a monthly lunch ticket (20 days) to your bill or automatic payment. 
  • If you need help, please call Pat (Direct line: 319-775-0229). 

Need to make a payment right now?
We accept one-time online payments for lunch and milk tickets, consumables and application fees through Diamond Mind. 
Click below to go to our secure payment pages.
The page will open up a new window.
Buy Lunch & Milk Tickets (pay from bank account, debit or credit)
Pay Application and Consumables Fees (credit cards accepted)
Payment on Account (any amount, from bank acct. only)