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Band and Choir Concert

posted May 11, 2018, 6:04 AM by Trinity Lutheran

Dear Parents & Students in Grades 4-8:

            A reminder that the TLS band/choir concert is scheduled for Tuesday, May 15, 6:30 p.m. in the school gym. We look forward to this concert event and hope that many family members and friends will be in attendance to see and hear our fine students give glory to God through music. As we continue to prepare for the concert, please keep these important points in mind:

·         This concert is required for all students in grades 4-8, and students' music grades are dependent upon their participation in the concert. No exceptions will be made without a discussion prior to the concert with Mr. Mueller and the Fine Arts staff. 

·         Students are to arrive for the concert at 6 p.m. Please do not be late. Upon arrival, band students are to meet in the band room; students not in band meet on the gym bleachers near Ms. Drees’ office.

·         Minimum dress code for the concert is school dress code – no jeans or graphic t-shirts!  However, students are encouraged to dress up for the concert – break out those best duds! Regarding shoes:  Students who own dress shoes are encouraged to wear them; if you don't own dress shoes, please wear your best tennis shoes (We understand that dress shoes may not be a cost-effective purchase for many families at an age when feet grow quickly!). Ladies: For your safety, please do not wear spiked heels!  Please wear low-heel to flat-heel shoes. Also: Dresses must be modest, knee-length, and not ultra form-fitting. NO LEGGINGS without a knee-length shirt or blouse that is not ultra form-fitting. Undergarments (including straps) are not outer garments and should not be exposed. Thank you for your cooperation.

·         Third grade students should arrive at 6:15pm.  Be sure to bring your recorder!  Dress for 3rd grade is a school polo (Blue, white, gold/yellow) and khaki bottoms (blue is ok if no khaki).