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Bring Your Own Device Questions Answered

posted Sep 15, 2017, 11:59 AM by Trinity Lutheran

Following is a list of some of the most asked questions regarding our new BYOD program that officially begins for the 2018-2019 school year.

Why BYOD?  When students do not have the capability of taking the iPad home we are limited in what can be accomplished in our classrooms.

 Why iPads?  The middle school department at TLS has been using iPads regularly for the past 9 years. Rather than recreate curriculum and programs we have developed, we are recommending the iPad for our students. Apple products also come with programs and apps preloaded that are not otherwise available or only available for purchase on other devices.

 Do we have to bring an iPad?  No, however some assignments may be more challenging to complete if the device your student is using does not offer the same application.  Teachers may also be limited on the ability to troubleshoot and assist students with other programs.

 Why doesn’t the school provide devices?  At this time, the school is unable to financially support a 1:1 program and the staff required to maintain and operate such a program. 

 What about a group purchase?  Apple does not offer group purchase pricing.

 If we already have an iPad that meets the requirements do we have to purchase a new one just for school?  No, we expect these to be your personal devices and to have non-school related apps etc. on them.  We are working with students on responsible use of a device and how to manage personal versus educational use.

 Can I bring an iPad Mini?  Yes, if you already own a Mini.  If you are making an iPad purchase, please follow the iPad recommendation as the larger screen size will be a future requirement for state testing.

 If I get an iPad during this school year can I start bringing it?  Yes!  The BYOD program is optional for the 2017-2018 school year and anticipate students bringing devices at random times throughout the year.

 Do I need my iPad at school everyday?  Yes, once you have your device it is expected that it be at school on a daily basis, charged and ready to use.  If devices are not fully charged students may want to bring a charger to school with them as our chargers are not compatible with the new iPads. Classrooms will only have enough iPads for students that do not have their own device.


Please feel free to talk with us if your question has not yet been answered.