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Chapel Offerings

posted Sep 3, 2015, 8:58 AM by Trinity Lutheran
Our first quarter chapel offerings will be going to toward "India Transformed".
A background regarding the mission is given in a few brief paragraphs, written by our seventh grade teacher, Loren VanDenBerg.

For more information, please see their web site

In 1988, John Peter had an epiphany. From an Indian/Lutheran family, he grew up as a Christian in a Hindu-dominated culture. (India’s Christians comprise less than 2.5% of the population.) He had no thoughts of going into full-time ministry. God, however, had other plans for John Peter…and for India.

The epiphany came after he was involved in a motorcycle accident. As his life hung in the balance, he told God that if He chose to heal and restore him, he would devote his life to Christian service. God did…and John Peter did! He came to the United States and through a series of miraculous encounters, met Dr. Don Miles who challenged him to return to India to serve his people by starting churches and transforming communities…and Don pledged his support. The US division began in 1993.

Later, while traveling in India, some young mothers begged John Peter to take away their children. Upon inquiry, he learned that a group was kidnapping children to offer as sacrifices to a pagan god. This broke his heart…and the children’s work began. Still later, John Peter’s wife encountered a group of women who had been abandoned by their husbands and left to beg on the streets. This broke her heart…and the women’s work began.

John Peter and his staff have now reached 6.4 million people with the Gospel through our Community Transformation Center model. 1,212 church planters have established 950 churches in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Indonesia. 992 women have graduated from the "Talitha Cumi" women's empowerment program. Twelve children's homes and community-based childcare centers now serve over 800 children.