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Consumables Fee

posted Feb 9, 2017, 8:31 AM by Trinity Lutheran

Can I have the consumables fee added to a Smart Tuition payment? Can I break up the consumables fees into smaller payments? The answer is YES, to both questions!


Just contact Pat Powell by email ( or phone (319-775-0229) at least five days before the next payment is due. Parents who receive a mailed invoice can have the fee added to the current month, even if they have already received their invoice. She’ll be happy to set it up for you. Please let her know if you wish to have it added in one payment, or divided up over the remaining payments that will be made before May 1st. If you want it added in one payment, state which month.


As long as it is paid in full by May 1st, the fee remains $250 for K-8 students, and $50 for PreK and Alternative Kindergarten.