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Make Room For Pie!

posted Oct 16, 2017, 7:49 AM by Trinity Lutheran

The 8th grade class will be raising money for their class trip this week. This week students are encouraged to bring in money, quarters and bills, to fill cups that have been placed in the front entry way of the school. For every cup that is filled, an 8th grader will get a pie in the face at a 1:30 pm assembly on Friday, October 20th.  So bring in that money!  We would love to see all 12 8th graders get pied!

UPDATE:  2 CUPS have been filled as of Monday!  


Need some extra incentive?  

Fill all 12 cups and then…

Fill a small jar to throw a pie at Mrs. Fischer!

Fill the small jar and then…

Fill a large jar to throw a pie Mr. Mueller!