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Mueller's message

posted Apr 6, 2016, 6:03 AM by Trinity Lutheran

Dear Families of Trinity Lutheran School,

      We have people lobbying on our behalf with Iowa’s State House of Representatives to pass a bill that would create Education Savings Accounts (ESA’s) for all students in Iowa.  Essentially, this would establish a set amount of money ($5000+) for each student to use for educational purposes including tuition.

      The first proposed step includes establishing an ESA pilot program.

      This affects your family directly; if we do get ESA’s in Iowa, this will be money that can be used for your tuition here at Trinity.  A five minute investment of your time right now could pay off in dollars in a few years.  Please take a moment to contact your representative now!  (See below.)

      Thinking of you.  Thinking of our school.


 Mark Mueller



 Yesterday, the subcommittee on HF2284 passed the bill on to the full appropriations committee for consideration.  This bill, as written, would create an Education Savings Account (ESA) pilot program in the Sioux Center and Waterloo school districts.  Although details wills certainly change moving forward, we are hopeful that the full appropriations committee will take the bill up soon and send it to the floor for debate by the whole House of Representatives.

Please take a minute or two to use our action alert to send an email to your State Representative and ask him/her to
Support Education Savings Accounts in Iowa!  We believe this is a good step forward as we continue to fight for universal school choice in Iowa.  When you get to the action alert please read through the summary; enter your email, zip, and street address; and customize the sample message to make it your own.  Then hit "send message" and you're done!

Thank you for being willing to contact your Representative and show your support!  You may initially see two separate messages.  Please put in your street address and zip code and it will automatically display the message relevant to your Representative.

To send your message click here:  
Support Education Savings Accounts in Iowa