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Mueller's Message

posted Jan 27, 2017, 11:31 AM by Trinity Lutheran

State of School 2017

      Our mission at Trinity is To Know Christ, To Make Christ Known Through Education.  Most important to us here at Trinity Lutheran School is your child’s relationship with Jesus Christ.  At the end of the day, actually at the end of our lives, all that is really going to matter is our relationship with Jesus Christ.  We want the children in our school to have a saving faith in Jesus Christ.  We want our students to know that despite their mess ups and failures, God loves them and forgives them. 

      Our students have all been blessed tremendously by God with various gifts and abilities; it is our responsibility as a school to help our students develop those talents and not allow their potential to stay potential.

      We have outstanding teachers that work very hard to help make this happen.  This year we have added three more quality teachers to our staff; Elissa Musil (first grade), Kara Agyekum (third grade) and Caity Smith (fifth grade).   When a school has top notch teachers, a school can then provide a challenging curriculum that will have students well prepared for high school, and yes, even college.  We have a challenging curriculum here at Trinity.

      Our staff professional development this year has focused on helping us to pinpoint specific areas in which our students need academic assistance.  Right now we are in the process of implementing a testing program called FAST (Formative Assessment System for Teachers).  This program will be utilized in kindergarten through sixth grade.  Testing occurs in the fall, winter and spring.  Through this testing we’ll be able to monitor the academic progress of all of our students and make more meaningful instructional interventions for those students who need them.

      We have two major additions to our curriculum this school year.  This includes a Memory Work scope and sequence for students in kindergarten through eighth grade.  Secondly, in our fourth through eighth grade religion and health instruction, we have added a unit in which our students learn life, love, and leadership skills.  The curriculum is a high energy, fun, positive and Christian based two week program that is designed to help our students make healthy life choices.  Trish Sellers, a counselor at Bridgehaven leads these classes.

      Last year at this time we were looking for a Child Care director.  Trish Schmid has filled that roll very well and continues to make improvements in our Child Care program.  One of the biggest improvements has been in the training that the workers have been receiving.  We really appreciate Trish’s leadership in that program.

      After extensive research in evaluating the state of Iowa’s free preschool program for four year olds and meeting several times with representatives from the Cedar Rapids Community School District, Trinity has applied and been accepted into the program.  I have several comments regarding this change:

 ·         Jesus time will not be removed from our program.  Fifteen minutes will be added to        the preschool day that will be set aside for Jesus time.

 ·         One of the motivations for going this direction is that we may be able to minister to         more families.

 ·         There is significant potential for school growth.

 ·         Our enrollment limit in this program is 18 students.

 ·         The contract with the Cedar Rapids Community School District is approved                    annually.

 ·         We will receive approximately $3250 per child enrolled in the free preschool                    program at our school.  This money goes directly back into the program.

      We have an outstanding school, and we all have critical roles in Trinity whether we are administrators, teachers, support staff, parents or students.  One thing we must be very careful about is that we don’t settle for status quo.  We must continually look for ways to make our school even better.  It will require heartfelt involvement and effort from all of us for our school to be the best that it can be.  God wants the best for us, and He also wants the best from us.  God will bless us as we look to Him.