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posted Sep 2, 2016, 10:58 AM by Trinity Lutheran

September 2, 2016   

      We had our first fire drill of the school year this week.  We will have three more this school year as well as four tornado drills and a lockdown drill.  The fire and tornado drills are required by the State of Iowa.  Obviously we have these drills to meet state requirements, but we also want our students to know how to be safe and especially to feel safe in our school.

      Safety is much more than just knowing what to do in an emergency.  It is a state of security that we want all Trinity students to feel.  Security that comes from knowing that they are loved and cared for in our school and that they are important.  While our theme for this school year addresses how we treat one another (kindness) and how we care for one another (compassion), it also addresses how we respond when kindness and compassion don’t happen (forgiveness).  Sometimes it is hard to be kind and compassionate, and certainly being forgiving can be challenging.  But when we are kind, compassionate and forgiving, we begin to create an environment of security.

      I hope for all of us in the Trinity family; students, teachers, and parents alike, we find our ultimate security in the One who demonstrated the utmost kindness, compassion, and forgiveness in His death and resurrection FOR EACH ONE OF US, that being Jesus Christ.