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School Cancellations and Closings

posted Sep 19, 2016, 11:49 AM by Trinity Lutheran

Effective Monday, September 19, KCRG-TV9 is ending its text alert service for its closings and cancellations system. That system let students, parents and staff sign up for free to get a text message as soon as you entered any delay or cancellation into our system. However, it had become inefficient and costly to use texting services, which can charge a fee to both KCRG and the user. 

Instead, KCRG-TV9 is now offering push notifications through the KCRG News app, available in the i-Tunes and Google Play. Users will be able to sign up to receive a notification on their smart phone anytime you enter an alert into the KCRG system. It is the same essential function as our text alert service. 

Here’s how to sign up: 

If you already have the KCRG-TV9 News App, make sure the is update downloaded (most will automatically update). Once the updated app is installed, open up the settings section by tapping the gear icon in the upper right hand corner. You should see an option for closings alerts. Tapping on that option, you will be able to search for a district by name, county or even zip code.  
We are listed as Trinity Lutheran Schools-Cedar Rapids  Then turn on the button for the school(s) for which you want to receive notifications. That’s it. Once a school you’ve selected issues a closing or delay, you will get a push alert on your phone instantly. 

This service is in addition to the full list of cancellations and delays that is available on and scrolling on TV.

Trinity Lutheran School delays and cancellations will also be posted on the school website at as well as local television stations KGAN and KWWL.  We will be announced as Trinity Lutheran School, Cedar Rapids.  We do not always follow the Cedar Rapids School District cancellations, so watch and listen carefully.