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Spring Operetta Information

posted Mar 21, 2016, 12:20 PM by Trinity Lutheran
Our 2016 spring operetta is scheduled for Thursday, May 5, with shows at 1:30p.m. and 6:30p.m. in out school gym.  the operetta, a poignant and humorous take on the story of Esther, is titled Malice in the Palace: The Story of Esther.  Cast assignments have been made and rehearsals are underway!  We have discussed some costume ideas at school, and lead actors (8th grade) are free to purchase or rent costume materials, make them, or a combination of both. 

Supporting cast members are asked to a assemble the following costumes:

4th grade (Palace servants):    Black khaki pants, shorts, or jeans with a solid white t-shirt, collared shirt  (short or long-sleeve) or blouse.  Tennis shoes. 

5th grade  (Palace gardeners):  Cuffed jeans or jean shorts, solid t-shirts in bright colors (your choice), suspenders (if you have them), work or garden hat (if you have one), bandana on head or around neck or tied to jeans (if you have one).  Tennis shoes.  

6th grade (Police & Portesters):  Boys (Policemen):  Black or dark blue  khaki pants, solid black or dark blue t-shirt tucked in  with belt, sunglasses, police badge (badge optional).  Tennis shoes.  Hats will be provided.

Girls (Protesters):  Bright  (or neon or tye-dye) t-shirt with peace shigns, hearts, or flowers, or glittery design  (roll up the sleeves to look "tough"), ripped/faded jeans, "bling" (spirit wear), big earrings, wild hair-do.  Tennis shoes.  Ladies: Get permission from your parents before you do anything.  Have fun with this but don't go beyond parents' wishes! 

7th grade (Talent Search Team):  Khaki shorts or pants, solid t-shirt in black, sunglasses, small flashlight.  Tennis shoes.  Vest provided.

Please bring labeled and assembled costumes to school in a marked bag on Monday, May 2 for dress rehearsals.  We will change into costumes at school. 

Your assistance with this much-anticipated annual project is greatly appreciated.


Mrs. Benya and Ms. Drees