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A Push for ESA's Begins NOW!

posted Jan 20, 2017, 1:40 PM by Trinity Lutheran   [ updated Jan 20, 2017, 1:46 PM ]

As the legislative session gets underway and we come to a point where we all need to be engaging in the process, we want to make sure everyone knows about the opportunities to participate in these legislative events.

 Legislative Forums - Many legislators have forums each weekend that are open to the public.  We need you and/or teachers and parents from your school to show up and participate.  They are usually informal and offer the ability to answer questions or make comments.  We highly encourage you to take a couple of students and parents to a forum and ask the legislators where they stand on parental rights in education/school choice.  We can provide you with talking points, details, and FAQs if you want or need them.  Just ask!  You can find where forums are going to be in your area by visiting the following links.  If you don't know who your area reps and senators are, please visit our website's action center and put in your zip code under "Find Officials:"

     House Republican Forums
House Democrat Forums
Senate Republican Forums
Senate Democrat Forums

Education Celebration 2017 – April 6 at Iowa State Capitol.  Please plan now to bring a group this day.  We need you there!

Legislative Update:
We are still working on getting ESA legisaltion introduced.  Much of the energy at the Capitol is focused on the deappropriation of funds from the current fiscal year and getting public school funding lined up for the next two fiscal years.  We are working with legisaltors in both chambers and we are confident we'll have a good ESA bill to share with you very soon.  It isn't too early to engage your legislators as described above.  Also, please make sure everyone in your school community gets multiple opportunities to sign up for IACS newsletters/action alerts over the following weeks and that you and your communications staff (along with everyone else!) have the 
IACS app installed on your smartphones!  Your willingness to forward both our newsletters that come out monthly during the session and our action alerts that come out when we need emails and phone calls pouring into the Capitol make a HUGE difference!

The coalition can't do this through lobbying alone.  If you aren't getting involved, we won't have the votes!