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Walk-A-Thon Winners!

posted Oct 10, 2016, 8:48 AM by Trinity Lutheran
Our annual Walk-A-Thon was held on Friday, September 30.  Today at opening we announced all the winners from this year's event.  To be honest...we all won!  The school now has $9,600.00 to use towards non-budgeted needs.  Thank you to everyone who donated!  The kids received their out-of-uniform coupons, pizza party coupons, and frisbees to bring home today.  They did a great job raising money and walking.  Also, Bridgehaven was over joyed by the items we donated.  The "big" prize winners were:  Jacey & Jusitn Powell--Ipod; Nolan Pownell--Ipad mini; and Tommy & Niki Annett took home the Play Station 4.  Congratulations!